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5 Reasons Why You Need Regular Exercise or Physical Activity:

5 Reasons Why You Need Regular Exercise or Physical Activity:

Everybody knows that exercise is important to stay healthy, but do we know why?  Our mostly nomadic ancestors spent most of their time moving, searching for food and shelter, travelling long distances on foot every day.  Our bodies are designed in exactly the same way, but our lifestyles are much different today.


For these reasons, we need to improve on our activity levels, to gain the full potential of our bodies.

Regular Exercise will be beneficial for the following:       

  1. Exercise is beneficial for General Good Health: Regular exercise will reduce blood pressure and that will mean less stress on your heart.  It reduces LDL, bad cholesterol, and increase HDL, the good cholesterol.  Exercise increases your heart rate and that will strengthen the heart muscle.  All in all, exercise is beneficial to your heart.
  2. Exercise can help lower the risk for type 2 Diabetes: Exercise helps in the control of glucose levels in your blood.  Regular exercise will also help to prevent obesity.  Obesity can be a primary factor in type 2 diabetes’ development.
  3. Higher Energy Levels: Regular exercise or physical activity can improve your endurance, you won’t feel winded after carrying your groceries, anymore, and boost your muscle strength.  When your exercise, more oxygen, and nutrients reach your cells and it also helps your cardiovascular system’s efficiency, improving your heart and lungs.  Improved heart and lungs are equal to more energy.
  4. Exercise will improve your mood: Exercise is a wonderful way to blow off steam when you had a bad or stressful day.  Going to the gym or going for a walk will stimulate feel-good chemicals in your brain.  That is one reason why you feel happier after physical activity.  Another reason would be that with regular exercise you will also feel better about your appearance.
  5. Exercise can be enjoyable and fun: Doing something outdoors with family and friends will give you time to unwind, doing activities that you like, engaging in physical activities in a social setting will prove to be fun.  Or, take dancing lessons, join a soccer team, try something new with friends.  Find a physical activity that makes you happy.

While there are some treatments out there that can help with weight loss (here’s an example), you won’t see success without a good diet and regular fitness. Aim for at least 150 minutes each week to engage in moderate intensity exercise.  It will boost your health, make you feel happier and better, and can also provide fun for part of your week.


What do you need to become a Personal Trainer?

What do you need to become a Personal Trainer?

If you are someone that enjoys helping others to better their lives, and you are passionate about exercise, the perfect job for you might be to become a Personal Trainer.



You will need to do the following studies and training:

  1. A level 2 Qualification as a Gym Instructor; the course can be taken part-time, six weeks, or when studied full-time, it will take eight days. On its own this course entitles you to work as a gym instructor at a gym, health club, and other fitness centres.
  2. Personal Trainer Level 3 Qualification; part-time this course will take you five months to complete when studied full-time, it will take three weeks. You can study the level 2 Gym Instructor course and the level 3 personal trainer course simultaneously.
  3. First Aid Certificate; this training course is recognized by Health and Safety and needs to be renewed every three years. It teaches basic first aid performance in case of a client sustaining an injury during a training session.
  4. Personal Trainer Insurance; even though this is not a legal requirement, you might find it extremely important to have. If a client should get hurt and you do not have an insurance policy you might be liable for paying out an amount of money out of your own pocket.

You completed your studies and training and got your qualification, now, what do you need to succeed as a personal trainer?  You need to decide what kind of clients you want to work with and what kind of trainer you want to be.  You also need to get clients through marketing your services.

Regardless of the studies or other qualifications, you need a multitude of other skills.  You should be patient, organized, persistent, analytical, a great motivator and most important, a great listener.  You should also lead a healthy lifestyle, even though you do not need to look like a bodybuilder, to also be a good example for your clients.…

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer?

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer?

When hiring a Personal Trainer, a proper assessment of your medical history, a detailed list of your food cravings, water intake, the current level of activity, physical measurements, body fat measurements, weight, muscle strength, etc. will be made.  This information will be used to create a fitness and nutrition program that will suit you.


The assessment might be one of the most important tools your Personal Trainer will use towards getting to know you and your body’s limits.  This will also help to set reachable goals.

How you can benefit from hiring a Personal Trainer:

  1. Clear Guidance: Your trainer will design a workout program that will fit your body and mind and will then guide you through each step, making sure that you do the exercises correctly and that you do not hurt yourself.
  2. Motivation: Your trainer will keep you motivated throughout your workouts and will make sure that you know that you are doing this for you, and nobody else.  You are taking charge of your lifestyle and working towards goals set to get and keep you healthy.
  3. Better and Faster Results: Because of the personalized fitness and nutrition program, your body and mind will react faster.  With that comes the guidance and motivation, and you are well on your way to a better, healthier, you.
  4. Improved Strength, Stamina, Flexibility, Mobility, and Quality of life, Self-esteem: This and more is what you could gain from doing an hour workout regularly with a Personal Trainer.
  5. Mental Clarity and Sounder Sleep: Regular exercise gives an enormous sense of well-being, which includes all the other benefits of better physical health, a trimmer waistline, improved sex life and it can even add years to your life.  Knowing all this, and of course also a benefit of exercise, you can sleep soundly each night.

The benefits of working with a Personal Trainer are countless.  People of all ages and any level of fitness and experience can benefit from hiring a Personal Trainer to guide them to better health and fitness.…